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National Power Chair begins rebuilding motors for retailers selling electric wheelchairs. At the time, there were numerous manufacturers, but just three different motors available.


National Power Chair begins catalog sales of rebuilt motors and parts. The company quickly develops a reputation for designing, building and repairing motors, parts and accessories that are stronger, lighter and less expensive than their OEM counterparts.


National Power Chair becomes NPC after robot hobbyists discover the power and strength of its motors, setting the stage for NPC to achieve prominence on television programs like BattleBots, BattleBots IQ, Robotica, Robot Wars and RFL (Robot Fighting League).


The U.S. Military (TARDEC) engages NPC to help create a Battery-Powered Motorized Traversing Unit (BPMTU) to drive the ever-increasing weight of armored turrets.


The BPMTU is recognized by the U.S. Army as one of the year’s 10 Greatest Inventions. As of 2010, over 50,000 have been built and are in service on Up-Armored HMMWVs, MRAPs and MTAVs.


The first Electro-Hydraulic Door Assist is introduced on BAE Systems Caiman MRAP of more than 5,000 units


The NPC-patented Improved Turret Drive System (ITDS) is introduced with a launch order of more than 5,000 units. Designed for greater performance on heavier turret systems, it features improved capabilities, enhanced ergonomics and a reduced profile


NPC introduces the refined Black Box® Hydraulic Door Assist System (DAS) package for M915-A5 B-Kit and other heavy-duty motion control applications. Building on the successes of the original DAS, it can be mounted in any attitude, and features a lighter weight, thinner profile, simplified design, easier installation, programmable positions, improved ruggedness, and an emergency bypass from the MRAP configuration.


NPC succeeds in obtaining Source-controlled designation for ITDS parts in USG OGPK Turret to be used on the JLTV vehicle


  • The JLTV vehicle reaches full-rate production
  • NPC is awarded the Door Assist for the Heavy Dump Truck