Original Door Assist

A solution for up-armored vehicles.

In 2008, the U.S.  military’s up-armored MRAPs had a problem: Too often the heaviness of their doors made it impossible for soldiers to enter and exit the vehicle. The military turned to NPC Robotics for a solution. We responded with the original door assist: a system capable of opening 2,200 lb. door to an 80º opening in 9 seconds while on a 30% side slope.

  • Original hydraulic package has been installed in approximately 5,000 Cayman MRAP doors.
  • Applications range from door assist, large hatch opening/closing, ramp extensions, rescue extraction power-pack, hydraulic jack systems and more.
  • Can include redundant battery and appropriate safety interlocks.
  • Robustly tested at Aberdeen and Yuma.
  • Launch order of more than 5,000 units.