Black Box® Hydraulic DAS

The ultimate door opener.

Designed to build on the strengths of NPC’s original Door Assist System, the Black Box® Hydraulic System integrates motors, pump, controls and reservoir in a low-profile design, mountable in any attitude. Like its predecessor, it is capable of opening a 2,200 lb. door to an 80º opening in 9 seconds while on a 30% side slope, yet the Black Box® can be operated in any attitude, and it features a lighter weight, thinner profile, simplified design, easier installation, programmable positions, improved ruggedness, and an emergency bypass.

  • The current Black Box® version has been developed for M915-A5 B-Kit and other heavy-duty motion control applications.
  • Applications range from door assist, large hatch opening/closing, ramp extensions, rescue extraction power-pack, hydraulic jack systems and more.
  • Can include redundant battery and appropriate safety interlocks.
  • Robustly tested at Aberdeen and Yuma.