NPC Robotics Quality Policy

NPC Robotics, Inc. (NPC) is committed to providing each employee with the resources and training necessary to continually improve:
  1. the effectiveness of our Quality Operating System (QOS);
  2. the quality of our products and services;
  3. the depth of our Customer/Supplier relationships.
Norm Domholt, President/Founder 03/27/2017

Code of Conduct, Ethics, Values and Business Practices

This Code of Conduct, Ethics, Values and Business Practices applies to NPC Robotics employees and managers and any contractors that are paid to represent NPC. Other contractors and suppliers of NPC’s are expected to develop and adhere to their own Code of Conduct, Ethics, Core Values and Business Principles. NPC reserves the right ...

Conflict Minerals Policy

NPC Robotics, Inc. makes every effort to identify, reduce and eliminate the use of conflict minerals in our products. We do this by working with our suppliers to ensure that if 3TG minerals (Tantalum, Tin, Tungsten or Gold) are used in the raw materials/products provided to NPC, they are sourced from suppliers th...