We do one thing:  Everything.

NPC was founded on the conviction that compartmentalization breeds stagnation. By integrating design, prototyping, testing and production into one process, we have created a culture of collaboration in which the ingenuity and imagination of the individual becomes a catalyst for the group. Speed and efficiency in the development process are also greatly enhanced. As a result, NPC enables our clients to field a wider array of solutions, faster and more seamlessly than ever before, including:

  • Motion control for military vehicles.
  • Personal mobility solutions.
  • Industrial power assist applications.
  • Surveillance robotics.
  • Numerous civilian applications in hobby robotics, film and stage effects, and special effects.

Step 1: Design

Motion solutions for a world in flux.

Clients ranging from the U.S. military to the world’s most recognized commercial brands come to NPC Robotics for practical answers to motion control challenges. They activate our dual expertise in electrical and mechanical component design, along with our collaborative culture and multi-disciplinary core of creative thinkers. And they take advantage of NPC Robotics’ “one-stop” design, prototyping, testing and production capabilities to get the results they need, quickly and efficiently.

  • Over 25 years of experience in civilian and military applications.
  • Field-tested to ensure power, control and durability.
  • Innovative thinking leveraging proven technologies.

Step 2: Prototyping

Complete in-house capabilities.

Comprehensive internal resources enable NPC to translate design ideas into functional realities with remarkable speed. In this environment, designers and fabricators work hand-in-hand to realize our motion control vision. Moreover, we leverage a dual expertise in mechanical and electrical component design and integration to create prototypes that are virtual facsimiles of the system to be produced.

Step 3: Testing

No one’s standards are higher.

From devices and technologies that appear in movies to ones that the military deploys in combat, every NPC motion control system is subjected to rigorous testing, both in the lab and out in the world. Electric and mechanical components are tested individually and in the systems that integrate them. The effort pays off; NPC products set the standard for reliability across the military and commercial sectors.

Step 4: Production

Expertise in component and system fabrication.

The same people who design and prototype our motion systems oversee and participate in their actual production. This degree of involvement ensures the successful translation of idea into actuality. It also ensures that when system support is needed, NPC can identify and address issues with optimal efficiency.